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Sichon Cabana
Start point: Sichon Cabana Beach Resort
    Starting from the waste land of the resort, converted into hotel, restaurant, swimming pool, Beach Cafe and Watersport club.
    My father is a temple builder. Travel from Padriew (Chachoengsao) to build a temple at Sichon. And found love with my mother The daughter of the bungalow owner Prasan Suk Villa Resort, a famous accommodation of Hin Ngam Beach in Sichon district at that time
    After marrying for a while, both of them decided Build a personal business Open a restaurant selling papaya salad, Miang Kham, a small thatched roof restaurant by the sea. This land used to be the former landfill of the resort, Prasan Suk Villa. Grandma gave this place to both of them to start creating family life since then. In which the mother is the cook And has an art talk in talking with customers Plus Father is a person who has a taste for construction design The small shop is true, but the customers are continuously subsidizing the service. Both of them gradually saved and expanded their business until Children graduating back to help continue the development of the business until today. Our business now runs for more than 40 years. Created since 1978.
Design concepts and expectations:
    We intend to create a Community of Happiness for those who like to relax.
It is a resting place for families, couples, friends, and more importantly, we have created a life style with personality, specific tastes, concepts of living that meet our target groups clearly.
    In addition to rooms Swimming pool. We also built our brand new beach cafe called ... Bluesurf cafe to create color. Complete the day refreshment for tourists and water sports enthusiasts such as Surfing, Windsurfing, Paddle board, Skimboard, Kayak.
Many activities within the resort. Created. We want to give you a good experience together for you and your family.
Fresh seafood from the sea, Sichon, shrimp, clams, fish, ready for you to try the abundance of here.
Deep House music that will keep you awake all the time It can be said that from the first step that I entered from the parking lot
You will be able to experience all the dimensions that we offer under the 4 design concepts.
- Simple, simple, comfortable, not complicated, look relaxed
- Natural must feel natural, shady, cool, real wood, stone, sand, trees and sea are the main components.
- Casual, casual, easy to let go as your mood
- Sustainable sustainability
Happiness is only a short distance In an age where chaos surrounds himself, Sichon Cabana is a project to recharge happiness. Recharge life and creativity Here will make you understand the meaning of living. And we expect so much that our project will be sitting in the middle of the heart, when you think of the sea, when you will ... think .. Sichon ... first.
Oh, this sichon is thick. In the evenings still burying the sea wave.
Shining like a beautiful diamond
Like a famous dream, every night
Sichon, a romantic love song that was sung by The Impossible Table band 40 years ago. The charm of the Sichon sea in the past at night at Hin Ngam Beach, full moon reflecting the wave of waves, to see the glittering green glittering, sparkling like diamonds, as if in a castle as the narration describes.
The former Sichon Subdistrict is an old port town that has a long tradition of being a coastline where junks stop. In order to bring products downstream to sell and pass to Nakhon Si Thammarat province, which the Chinese people come to call is at Chon (coast), the villagers therefore call it Sichon
Sichon, a district that is regarded as one of the important old cities of Nakhon Si Thammarat province, established since the reign of King Chulalongkorn, Rama 5, according to the Local Governing Act of 116 B.E., there is a slogan that describes the characteristics of Sichon City. Like seeing pictures of Sichon, the ancient city, Baroque cave, clean stream, Hin Hin beach, beautiful waterfalls, rich resources
Sichon district is in the north of Nakhon Si Thammarat province, close to Khanom district. There are tourist attractions that are not inferior to other districts in the province. The beaches of Sichon are quiet, beautiful, stretching for many kilometers consecutively, whether Sichon Beach Hin Ngam Beach, complete with many archaeological sites and artifacts, such as Khao Kha Cave, Khao Phong Cave, as well as the Namtok Si Khit Waterfall National Park, which has a mountainous landscape, therefore there are many amazing caves and the beautiful Khit Nam Tok waterfall which are Occurred from the mountains in the west, changing levels in descending order, in the midst of the beautiful shade of trees and streams.
Sichon Beach ... This is Hua Hin people call each other because the beach is full of smooth, small stones. (Smaller than Hin Ngam Beach) colorful, stretching to the curved sandy beach, which has a pen-shaped mountain stand.
Hin Ngam Beach ... There are large stones scattered along the beach as if anyone intended. In addition to the beautiful rocks, the water is clear. There are accommodation and restaurants as well as water activities such as surf, windsurfing, kayaking to play with, and because the beach is still natural, when walking along the beach you will be pampered with the wind crab at Running together, wheeling, or putting your feet into the sand at the right moment will get the clams back. The more the day, if the weather is a bit better, there will be dolphins to swim. As for the full moon on this beach, there will be a lustrous (non-ghost) light that appears shimmering green light along the beach.
Plai Thon Beach ... apart from swimming like other beaches Is also a local fishing village Every morning there is a fresh market called Plai Thon Market, which is near to Ban Plai Thon School. There are shrimp, oysters, crabs and squid that villagers get from the boat trawling boat at 3 am 4 am and then sell it to shore. Many bustling from eight o'clock in the morning until almost noon
Smile and simple life
Sichon is a city by the sea. Trading port, fishing town, tourist city, which used to be the hero city, the legendary city of the former Nakhon Si Thammarat province Today, the way of life of the Sichon people is bound to the sea in one way or another. Whether it is fishing, which is the highlight of this place, both local fishing And medium-sized fishing trawls Sichon's seafood is famous for its delicious freshness, including fresh seafood. And various processed seafood. Sichon people fish in respect of nature. With the wisdom of fishermen that pass from generation to generation using the sea environment Studying from the seasons that change each year, it determines to fish out in no hurry and only take advantage of the sea. As a community that coexists with this nature Therefore, the people of Sichon have a simple way of life, understand nature, help each other and smile easily. Sichon is a city with a charming charm to touch.
Sichon Freewave
Is a Softdrink drink inspired by the waves, wind and sunlight from the sea of ​​Sichon. Nakhon Si Thammarat Province is a combination of freshness between coconut water, pineapple, passion fruit and coffee rind. Merge with soda to add flavors Refreshing Like sitting on the top of a hill with a vast sea in front of the wind and the sun that shines through the waves All make life powerful Create a balanced life to feel more energetic
Sichon Rootbeer
Is another perfect blend that Bluesurf is proud to offer. If you are one of those who have gone through a teenage 90s lifestyle, of course, you must have memories with Root Beer. Or any brand But the new generation may not be able to eat because it may have a pungent smell like inhaling balm In which we have combined the modern nature of the sea with coconut Resulting in a sweet, sour aroma, small, fresher than a familiar root beer Can say that it pleases both the teenagers of the 90s and the present

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